If you have never tried Omanhene cocoa products you are seriously missing out!  Made entirely from the Ghanian cocoa beans that the Financial Times calls “the finest cocoa in the world” this chocolate is truly on a whole different level! Omanhene is the world’s first single source chocolate, as most companies buy their beans from various different countries before importing them to make the chocolate. This gourmet chocolate is made in Ghana while it is incredibly fresh and then brought over to the Milwaukee area for distribution. Omanhene has an incredible story. Check it out! The site also has some dangerously delicious recipes. All good stuff.

What does this have anything to do with biking? Or building? Or affordable housing? Let me inform you! As part of my fundraising efforts I’ll be selling these delicious chocolate bars! It’s taking some serious willpower to not eat it considering I now have hundreds of chocolate bars just taunting me. Let me know if you are interested in them! Otherwise I’ll just try to have some on me 🙂 While all Omanhene products are delicious, I’ll be selling the 48% dark milk chocolate 20 gram bars.

Chocolate makes everything better.

Steve Wallace fell in love with Ghana when he was 16 and traveled to Ghana as an exchange student through AFS. He’s pictured above with his host father, mothers, and many siblings!  He knew that he wanted to stay involved with Ghana and in a country with millions of cocoa farmers, why not chocolate!

Also for those of you wondering what Omanhene means, I took the definition from their website – although Steve Wallace, the founder and family friend, has told me many times.

The word “Omanhene” comes from the Twi language in Ghana.  Twi is the language spoken by the majority of the Akan people who live in the middle of the country.  The traditional capital of the Akan is the city of Kumasi.  In Ghana, the local chief is the traditional authority at the village level.  As you move up the hierarchy, there are regional chiefs, provincial chiefs and at the very top of the line of authority sits (literally sits upon a royal stool) the “Omanhene” or paramount chief or king.  The term is an honorific title bestowed upon the paramount king who, to this day, remains a potent symbol of moral and ethical authority in Ghana.

Thanks for all the support!


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